National Lolita Day!!!

On National Lolita day, you are cordially invited to afternoon tea in Providence^_^!

We're having a national lolita day afternoon tea and wanted to know if anyone here would like to join us.

When: June 4th, 2011

Time: 4:30pm

It will be at The Duck and Bunny over on Wickenden street in Providence,
the address can be found on there website here:
(If you are taking the bus the 92 East Side trolley will take you almost right across the street, just look for the salmon colored house with the sign.)

Put your frills on and get ready to enjoy yummy cupcakes, good food, and delicious tea ^^D (the Chamomille Vanilla Bean rocks!!)

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Hello, nice to meet everyone.

Okay I've been really nervous about posting cause I've been sort of ljstalking this page and no one posts but I am finally going to kick myself and post in hopes that someone will look!

I live in RI and I have been really wanting to have/host/do something with a meet up and get to know other lolitas in the area.

Is anyone alive or still into lolita around here?

I'm very friendly, I don't bite, and I am (hopefully) pulling off lolita fashion in a reasonable manor.

If anyone wants to contact me and maybe hold some high tea or  go sight-seeing or even visit somewhere that'd be great!

Oh and I live in Providence!


This comm is dying and for that I am sooooo sorry! It is my fault. But I am really excited that winter is almost and I really want to have a meetup in the spring! I thought that I would start getting ideas in advanced. Anyone?
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