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Informal Meetup Plans

Hey fellow RI lolita!

I have a confession to make.
I kind of enjoy the Twilight Books. (Oh god, did I just admit that on the internet?)
So for all who are fans of the books (or have been in a Borders lately) you'll know that the newest book comes out in ten days.

Now, beause I am a total nerd-o, I was planning on going to the opening party at the Providence Place Mall Borders.
In Lolita.
Because really, this book just screams sad emo girls and I think they all need some frillz to make their lives better.

SO! If anyone wants to meet me at the Prov Place Mall for the release party ON AUGUST SECOND, I'd be glad to chill with y'all (if you need to know what I look like to find me or something, let me know. Or if you're in the upper-RI area like Woonsocket and need a ride let me know.)! This will be a very informal meet-up (I don't have anything planned in terms of eating or anything like that) but if you guys want to go out for ice-cream or something after, that'd be cool too. :D
Hope to see some of you there!

...And no, I will not admit how long the above Rori!Edward took me to make. It's embarassing.

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