Food plans for Sunday

Looks like the weather is going to be nice later in the day on Sunday, so everyone pack a meal! Also bring a picnic blanket or chairs to sit. There are some picnic tables in the area as well.

See you all then! ^.^

June 15th Meet up reminder and contact info!

Well everyone, next Sunday! I'm so excited!

Since the original post was a while ago, here is a reminder!

When: June 15th
Where: For those driving unless helping with carpooling please meet in front of Rosecliff at 1:30pm, the address is 548 Bellevue Ave. Newport, RI 02840.

For those who need to be picked up from Providence station and those helping to carpool please meet at the Providence train station at 12:00pm, as the train is scheduled to come in at 12:12. From there we will head on down to Newport.

If everyone could please either respond here or drop me an email to let me know if they will be driving or taking the train I would really appreciate it! My email is . Email me and I will give you my cell phone number! (And for those who don't know me already my name is Katrina XD!)

So long as the weather is good we will probably have a picnic, which will be a packed lunch. Once the weather report is out for that day I will update to see if we need to change that. (Picnic in rain=so not fun)

Once more here is the RSVP list and who is driving/riding

the_reaper (me..) + Greg
mileiyu_chan + her dad-- driving (helping to carpool)
seebamskate+ her grandma -- driving
persocomchii -- train
madalein_star -- train
chibiusagi ---riding with Suzu_hime
dekadai- maybe coming, train

Okay! Email me people! <3

June 15th meetup Carpooling info

Okay Everyone! Here is the list I have for those that said they were going.

the_reaper (me..) + Greg + Greg’s parents?
mileiyu_chan + her dad
seebamskate+ her grandma

Did I miss anyone?

So anyway, I just need to know who exactly is going to need a ride from the train, and who might we willing to volunteer to drive and pick up other lolis and transport them to and from the train station.

Please let me know ^.^

Providence Waterfire

Just letting you ladies know the final schedule (as far as I know) and wondering if anyone will be going? I'll probably be at most of these, but likely not in lolita (as I have a very, very tiny wardrobe ATM).

Waterfire 2008

May 24
June 3
June 18
June 21
June 28
August 2
August 16
August 30
September 13
September 18
September 19
September 20
September 27
October 11

Newport RI Meet-up--June 15th!

June 15th has won for the best day...I'm sorry if you were in the minority that could not make it that day >.<

When- As seen above, June 15th.
Where- Rosecliff mansion, Newport RI.

548 Bellevue Ave, Newport RI 02840

Time- Meet at the mansion at 1:30 for those who don't need to be picked up at the train station in Providence. For those coming from Boston without cars and who need to car pool...I believe the train comes into Providence at 12:12pm or something of the sort.

I do need some more people who can car pool...anyone who is planning on driving and might be willing to meet us at the train station? I can fit three people in my car, and I believe we should be able to get another four in a friend's car. So I guess it depends on how many people are coming. Woo loli carpool!

Order of Events- First we'll meet at Rosecliff at 1:30. Probably take a bunch of pictures outside, then get in for a tour. As long as its not 20 people or more we don't need a reservation. Tickets are $20 at the door, but $15 in advance if you buy them at the website, link provided above.

After the tour...face it, we'll want to take a lot of pictures in the gardens or outside etc. After we're ready we'll go to Breton Point for a picnic, pictures by the sea, some bocce ball or something.....however if it rains we'll have to change those plans and head to a restaurant instead. Will have to keep a close watch on the weather and decide that rather last minute. Always good to have a backup plan!

Please do RSVP! If we do picnic, it will be pot luck, so everyone can either bring their own dinner or bring something for everyone to share. Don't really know what would end up being most cost effective/least chaotic >.>

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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